In this post we’re going to look at ways to improve the aerobic fitness of soccer players and how that improves their performance on the field. Footballers need to be aerobically fit as in some positions on the field they can cover over 10 kilometres in a game. If this wasn’t enough the distances ran that make up that 10km are often performed at a sprint or near maximal effort. Therefore a sound aerobic base is needed for footballers to meet the demands of their sport.

Different types of running drills can be performed and these include Fartlek running, interval runs and tempo running. Each style can be used by the performance coach to illicit gains in aerobic fitness. Improvements in aerobic fitness will generally allow the players to run longer at a higher intensity giving them an advantage towards the end of the game as opponents tire and fatigue. Studies show that a disproportionate number of goals are scored in the last 10 minutes of a game and one of the main reasons for this was fatigue.

Along with getting our players to do running drills at our own training sessions we also use outside sources like Peak 15 Bootcamps to get our players in top condition. They run outdoor fitness boot camps on Wandsworth Common and get our players very fit in under 4 weeks training.

Along with playing ability and skill we find that the next best determiner of whether a player will make it at the top level is their ability to run for long periods of time. Our team works hard on skills and ability training but we complement that with a rigorous cardiovascular training programme and see fantastic results in our players.